Hydro-pneumatic punching press

Capacity: 2-45 ton

Description: Hydro-pneumatic punching press are ideal machines for any application requiring pressing force from 1 Ton to 45 Tones. They are specially suited for meal forming.

  • Input stroke power required is 4 times lesser than normal mechanical press for the same output.
  • These machines are widely used in automobile , utensils, façade industry and any type of sheet metal industry.


Description: This is an automation machine use to cut required product from a metallic strip. The product could be of any shape and type as per the client or industry requirement.

  • High precision achievement
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Energy saving & Zero rejection
  • Higher safety measures
  • Tripled mass production


Description :  This machine specially designed for protective tape wrapping after powder coating in façade and glazing industry. Generally, in industry manpower is required for tape wrapping. This is a semi-automatic machine. Men do the manual work of feeding aluminum section in machine. Then the tape get automatically attached to the job.

Capacity: 20 feet aluminum section gets wrapped on all 4 sides in 6 seconds.


Description:  In this machine pneumatic arm is used to place the product in mechanical press in synchronized timing steps.  
  • 100% safety measures achieved
  • 100% duty cycle


In component feeder the product is directly placed under mechanical press by pneumatic arm. Any type of product can be feed using this automated machine for mass production.


Strip feeder is used to feed a metal strip in continuous or coil form so as to obtain large number of components after feeding the large strip under mechanical press. The strip feeder accurately feeds the strip under the mechanical press in regular intervals for a given length.


DECOILER tightly grips the master coil on its inside diameter using an expandable mandrel. The d-coiler can be any of 2 types 1- motorized & 2- without motor.

Holding coil capacity: Up to 5 ton.

Max width of the coil: 650mm.


The wood grain finished aluminum profile is a perfect integration of the excellent aluminum properties with the natural appearance of natural resources such as wood, marble etc. It is a wonderful combination of the state-of-the-art technology & aesthetic. The products have stable quality, appealing performance, durability & therefore a higher value of decoration.

Cyclone automation has manufactured the entire wood grain finish aluminum profile machine at one 3rd cost of imported machine, with same quality and output.


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