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BPA Free Thermal Paper Roll

The application of BPA on various products started to raise some concerns regarding the chemical’s health risk issues over the past decades. Recent studies showed that traces of BPA could permeate through almost anything that it could come in contact with.


Unlike ordinary thermal paper containing BPA, BPA-free paper cannot cause the same harm to humans, however remote that could be, the BPA-free paper does not pose such dangers.


Thermal paper mills such as “Gold Roll” started to undergo some modifications so they won’t be needing any BPA to serve their purpose. These developments eventually bore positive results with the emergence of BPA-free thermal paper rolls.


  • Phenol free thermal rolls available in all sizes
  • BPA free thermal rolls available in all sizes
  • Up to 8 colour printing
  • Discounts applied to bulk orders
  • Fast nationwide delivery available


The BPA free or Phenol free thermal rolls can be plain or printed in up to 8 colours making this ideal for advertising your logo, website or promotions etc. Our BPA free or Phenol free rolls can be supplied in any size you require with popular sizes held as stock items for fast despatch and delivery.

BPA Free Thermal Paper Roll
Multi -Color Printed rolls (1)

Printed Thermal Paper Roll (In All Sizes)

Thermal paper receipts are the daily consumption for business transactions. The custom rolls only cost a little bit more than plaine rolls. The well-known business giants spend millions of dollars on marketing every year. The cost is much more compared with custom printed rolls with different ads. The custom printed rolls are a low-cost method for advertisements.


The advertisement on thermal paper can be designed according to custom requirement. They can set a coupon which will enourge clients come back again. Or they can introduce their new products or promote for a special event.


Custom Printed Thermal Paper is the best option for companies who have budget on marketing, no matter little or large budget.


You can get quality custom printed paper rolls at Gold Roll. Our Thermal paper rolls come in various colors that are impressive and eye-catching to the customer. We have a proud track record of providing custom Thermal paper rolls. 


Jumbo Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper jumbo rolls are also called big rolls or mother rolls. Because of their sizes, manufacturers and resellers can slit them into small finished rolls to gain profit.


Jumbo Thermal Paper Roll by “Gold Roll” can also be provided in Different Sizes with  Custom Back and Front Printing Option.

Jumbo Thermal Paper Roll

Sensor-Marked Thermal Paper Roll ​

Gold Roll manufactures a complete line of ATM rolls for use across all the leading machine manufacturer, Our State of the Art manufacturing capabilities can supply both Plain and custom color printed ATM rolls with Multiple Color printing. Our extensive print experience on thermal coated paper and our OEM specifications ensure our rolls support your business with fewer paper jams, 99.9% uptime on the ATM Machines & lower service costs helping improve your customer satisfaction. All ATM transaction rolls sizes are available for us. Also we can make samples for our Customers.

Thermal Paper Roll in all Sizes​

Except for a few exceptions, many terminals are compatible with standard thermal paper sizes. These sizes are as listed below:


Credit card terminals (Mobile or small): 57mm by 38mm, 57mm by 40mm, 57mm by 50mm


Thermal receipt printer: 79mm * 60mm, 79 mm * 70mm, 79mm * 80mm


These measurements will help a great deal when choosing the right paper roll size, especially when you are unsure about the size you need. You can get in touch with us for more information or any questions regarding the size of the thermal printer paper.


Telecom Gallery billing device

A device used for recharge mobile and making billing for the mobile customers.

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